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Gas-Fired Retrofits and Power Plant Efficiency

An alternative to decommissioning old coal-fired power plants, or constructing new ones, is to retrofit an existing plant to burn natural gas. While this is not the most energy-efficient use of natural gas, it may turn out to be the most economically feasible approach to help clean up an existing coal fleet while not having to invest in hundreds of millions of dollars for back-end pollution control equipment.

Lubrication – Gas Turbines

Learn how to increase your plant’s productivity through enhanced reliability and uptime with industrial lubricants. Power Engineering examines a wide range of specially formulated, high-performance lubricants for your critical equipment needs. From premium turbine lubricants designed to offer deposit control for uninterrupted operation and long service life, to synthetic lubricants and greases engineered to perform in extremely demanding environments.

Material Handling

Many utilities are converting to dry bottom ash systems. A variety of ash conveying options are available to companies seeking to eliminate storing bottom ash in ponds. Power generators that still use ponds to store ash by-product have important choices to make as they look to replace wet systems. This article examines the technologies and vendors involved in ash handling solutions for power generators.

Combined-Cycle Water/Steam Monitoring

This article examines the importance of accurate sampling for the successful operation of heat recovery steam generators. Conscientious monitoring and prompt action during upset periods can be worth their weight in gold if they prevent system corrosion, boiler tube failures and unit shutdowns. Sample extraction and conditioning are critical for ensuring accurate analyses.

Pumps and Valves

This article highlights the Top 10 things that power plant engineers need to know to keep their facilities operating at peak efficiency. This article will also address pumps from a “primer” aspect, differentiating positive displacement pumps from the more familiar centrifugal pumps.

New Technology Optimizes pH Measurements and Lowers Maintenance Costs in Lime Slurry Applications

In coal- and oil-fired power plants, measurement and control of pH is critical to the efficient operation of wet scrubbers in lime slurry applications. Harsh process conditions can necessitate frequent cleaning and recalibration of pH probes. Many facilities dedicate a single person to maintain pH systems on a daily basis, further increasing overall costs. The new generation of pH equipment resists reference electrode poisoning, junction fouling and pressure/temperature fluctuations, and provides fast response to process changes. This results in more accurate and reliable pH measurements, reduced reagent usage, and minimal calibration and maintenance requirements.


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